Monday, August 16, 2010

life today...

So today was a busy busy day. It started out with me making a trip to HR to sign papers for my new position. Because of this little stop off I knew I would be a little late to work. I asked the Hubbs to take the Boog to school. He agreed. A few minutes after I got to work, I got a call from the daycare stating that my child had no shoes is a state law that children wear shoes at daycare. Hubbs was already on the westbank, I could not leave work=stress. I called my mom to fix it. She stopped at the store and bought a pair of emergency shoes and socks and brought them over to the Boog. After she had called to say she was on her way to work, I realized I had also forgotten to send Hubbs with a check for the week....oops...thankfully the teacher said I could bring it in tomorrow.  Since there was no time for Hubbs to drop the car seat off to me, I called mom again to bring hers with her to work (we work in the same office) and I would borrow it to pick up the Boog...well she drove my dad's truck today and he assured her it was in there before she left home...after she got to work and we went down to make the trade...we realized it was in fact in mom's car with my dad at his work... grrr....after work I drove all the way to my daddy's work,got the seat, picked up the Boog, and finally made it hour later only to have my kid throw about a million fits of frustration in the first ten minutes home...he got put in bed and thankfully fell asleep. He is always so tired after "school".

As for the day AT work....HA...crazy is the only word. My department went "live" with a new progam today. No one seemed to know what was going on and my own job is seriously slowed with this new "progressive" way of doing things...only time will tell. I fear I will be stressed for a while.

After such a crazy day I decided NOT to go to Zumba ... again...for the 8th time in a seems something ALWAYS comes up!!!Oh well tomorrow is another day... always room for improvement with a brand new day.

As for the weekend, a few highlights include:
*the Booger and I both got haircuts; it was his first
*we visited with my grandparents
*the Boog tasted my MawMaw's homemade gumbo for the first time (she also had crawfish etoufee on the stove and hog'shead cheese...ew)
*the Hubbs and I shared some much needed us time

Looking forward to the Hubbs getting home and putting an end to today so I can have a better day tomorrow!


val said...

I do hope your Tuesday was a little better than your Monday, but I tell ya...if it's anything like mine has been - whew! Monday all over again :)! Thanks for visiting and posting such a sweet comment!

dreamingkristin said...

ohhh can't he have a better screen name than that Boog! He's too cute for that name!