Friday, August 20, 2010

catch up....

I have been running ragged lately. My baby has been so sick with a double ear infection/sore throat/fever, new position at work, and NO air conditioning!!! The Boog's fever broke and he was able to go to daycare today. The air will hopefully be fixed Monday and the work day is finally over. To my surprise, the Hubbs met me at work with an ICEE!!!!! Yea for a super sweet surprise. I get off at 4:30 and he gets off at 6:00. This was a great treat...there he was in the parking lot with a melting Icee. I didn't come down right away so he brought it up to me! We went and picked up the Boog together. AHHHH Friday has been salvaged after all.

Last Saturday P-dizz and I got our hair cut.... here is a picture of my beautiful baby GIRL before and the handsome boy he really is after. I can't decide still if I like it. I miss his uncut baby curls....
Paxton showing how long his hair is
Nana and Paxton... his first hair-do with gel

It will grow some right?????
Here's to a warm weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My day was not great but not terrible. I trained for my new position at work. Things were bumping along when the Hubbs called to say that out air conditioner was out and someone would be (hopefully)looking at it today. Then at 1:45 the daycare called to say the Boog had 101 fever under the arm which means 102. I was asked to pick him up right away. I couldn't leave so my mom AND dad went to get him. The director said that there was a little virus going around and a few teachers had strep throat...uh great. I got the baby an appointment for three pm and left to take him to the Dr. We have been battling the ickies for the last few weeks since he started daycare. Two weeks ago Thurs. he had fever and we stayed home treating it. It seemed to leave a cold behind but we went on to daycare. One week later, this past Thurs., he had the most horrible chest congestion. We finally went to the Dr. to see if there was an infection... nope just a cold. They told us to keep treating him as we had been and come in if he had fever again. Well today it happened and he now has a double ear infection and infected right tonsil. While at the Dr. his fever was 103. They gave him Motrin and a cup of water while we were there. We went home with an antibiotic and they will call if his strep test is positive. Now I need a babysitter for tomorrow! I am still at my parent's house dreading going home without air conditioning ... in NOLA! I told the Hubbs to call when he gets home. If it's cool we'll go home...If not we'll stay here for the night....And on top of it all MY throat is getting scratchy...uh oh.

Here's to a better WEDNESDAY!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

life today...

So today was a busy busy day. It started out with me making a trip to HR to sign papers for my new position. Because of this little stop off I knew I would be a little late to work. I asked the Hubbs to take the Boog to school. He agreed. A few minutes after I got to work, I got a call from the daycare stating that my child had no shoes is a state law that children wear shoes at daycare. Hubbs was already on the westbank, I could not leave work=stress. I called my mom to fix it. She stopped at the store and bought a pair of emergency shoes and socks and brought them over to the Boog. After she had called to say she was on her way to work, I realized I had also forgotten to send Hubbs with a check for the week....oops...thankfully the teacher said I could bring it in tomorrow.  Since there was no time for Hubbs to drop the car seat off to me, I called mom again to bring hers with her to work (we work in the same office) and I would borrow it to pick up the Boog...well she drove my dad's truck today and he assured her it was in there before she left home...after she got to work and we went down to make the trade...we realized it was in fact in mom's car with my dad at his work... grrr....after work I drove all the way to my daddy's work,got the seat, picked up the Boog, and finally made it hour later only to have my kid throw about a million fits of frustration in the first ten minutes home...he got put in bed and thankfully fell asleep. He is always so tired after "school".

As for the day AT work....HA...crazy is the only word. My department went "live" with a new progam today. No one seemed to know what was going on and my own job is seriously slowed with this new "progressive" way of doing things...only time will tell. I fear I will be stressed for a while.

After such a crazy day I decided NOT to go to Zumba ... again...for the 8th time in a seems something ALWAYS comes up!!!Oh well tomorrow is another day... always room for improvement with a brand new day.

As for the weekend, a few highlights include:
*the Booger and I both got haircuts; it was his first
*we visited with my grandparents
*the Boog tasted my MawMaw's homemade gumbo for the first time (she also had crawfish etoufee on the stove and hog'shead cheese...ew)
*the Hubbs and I shared some much needed us time

Looking forward to the Hubbs getting home and putting an end to today so I can have a better day tomorrow!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Our life has been changing lately. One good change is that I was officially offered a job promotion yesterday. Yea! Wonder how life will be in a new role at work... The hubbs and I decided to celebrate. I was so tired after a long day at work....and it most certainly was a LONG day... that we almost didn't go out at all. We got home and while deciding what to do and recapping our days with each other, the Boog fell asleep and so did I. We finallly decided on a movie. I got a babysitter and we swung by, dropped the Boog off ,and high tailed it to the movies. We were really late....I decided I needed a hotdog because we hadn't eaten yet and then there were no decent seats left of course. We ended up on the FRONT row!!! I am farsighted. I was so close to the screen that everytime the camera moved too fast I got SOOO dizzy. Oh well. It was so packed that a group of several girls came in and asked me to move over a seat. Normally I wouldn't care at all...but I was already grumpy about the situation and don't ya know as I moved to the other side of the Hubbs I dropped my hotdog on the floor....figures after the day I had..Friday the 13th and all...We watched Eat,Pray,Love. I was anxious to see it. I must say when it was over I was left sort of unsettled and confused. the Hubbs and I talked about it as we left the parking lot. He liked it. I guess it wasn't what I expected it to be. Or...maybe I identify with the main character too much... I don't know. I think I would like to see it again before I decide it I Love or Hate this one. Overall thunbs up date inspite of the hotdog and seating.

Today The Boog is going to get his FIRST ever haircut. :( I know he needs one. Everywhere we go people comment on how pretty my baby GIRL is....and I say thank you and let it go or if they ask how old or something... I say HE is 1yr old. Oh well, what can I say, he's is kinda pretty.

lovin' this weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

so here's the thing...

I have always wanted to do a blog and have been a sometimes journal keeper. I finally got around to starting this blog and must say it is more confusing than I thought it would be to set up. I certainly need a tutorial! Here goes...