Friday, August 20, 2010

catch up....

I have been running ragged lately. My baby has been so sick with a double ear infection/sore throat/fever, new position at work, and NO air conditioning!!! The Boog's fever broke and he was able to go to daycare today. The air will hopefully be fixed Monday and the work day is finally over. To my surprise, the Hubbs met me at work with an ICEE!!!!! Yea for a super sweet surprise. I get off at 4:30 and he gets off at 6:00. This was a great treat...there he was in the parking lot with a melting Icee. I didn't come down right away so he brought it up to me! We went and picked up the Boog together. AHHHH Friday has been salvaged after all.

Last Saturday P-dizz and I got our hair cut.... here is a picture of my beautiful baby GIRL before and the handsome boy he really is after. I can't decide still if I like it. I miss his uncut baby curls....
Paxton showing how long his hair is
Nana and Paxton... his first hair-do with gel

It will grow some right?????
Here's to a warm weekend!!!


Amanda said...

I think he looks cute!

In this wonderful life... said...

so precious!

val said...

Hey Melissa,
I got your questions and have wanted to respond, but there is no way to. When you post your blog doesn't link back to an email address and we must fix that :)! I also noticed that some of your posts aren't allowing comments, but I eventually found this one and it will let me leave a comment. So I hope you check comments regularly! Thanks so much for the shout out about my blog :)! If you can drop me and email with your email address I'll work on getting you some answers to your questions. My email is

Talk to you soon!