Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend recap... sigh

My thoughts are jumbled today. My weekend was too short. Friday night I picked up the Boog from the ELC and walked across the parking lot of church to the Mission Fish Fry. Every couple of months the mission team at church does a fish fry fundraiser. My daddy was working the fish fry and the Hubbs met us there after work. We sat with one of the Boog's friends from "school". It was fun. The Boog ate fish but spit out the potatoes and cake. Saturday we ran some errands and ate a late breakfast at our favorite place called Fat Hen Grill. The Boog ate alsmost a WHOLE pan sized pancake. Matt had his favorite: chicken fried steak with potatoes and smothered spinach. I had the usual Irish Benedict. Yum. After that I went to Old Navy for new baby clothes where I had TWO chidren instead of one. The Hubbs and the Boog both got a gaint superball out oF the machine and bounced them all over the store. Then it was my turn to play. I went to Michaels and the Dollar Tree for craft supplies with the intention of making some fall decorations. Well... I am indeed an impatient perfectionist. I made a Fall wreath that I hung on our front door. Matt says it's beautiful. I think it is NOT... but it is still hanging. We ended up just being lazy all day Sunday and went over to my Maw-Maw's house with my parents and brother/sister-in-law and uncle for RedBeans. YUM! Paxton even ate the beans (no rice) and a biscuit with Steins cane syrup.... maybe he will have some cajun traits after all....

Today has been an awful day and it's not over. I got called to pick the Boog up from school ... AGAIN. He has fever. We will be going to the DR. again tomorrow. He is supposed to have shots on Thurs. Wonder if that will have to be rescheduled? I still have to teach a ballet class this evening and teach a piece of choreography to a dance team. It will be so late when my day finally comes to an end.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

a few things...

Today is the BIG GAME! My dance classes that I teach on Thursdays were all cut in half today so we can all get home to see the SAINTS play. Yippeeee! That being said the Hubbs remembered to put our child in the cutest Saints outfit ever today, as the kids at his daycare wear Black&Gold on game day. I however witnessed this and still dressed myself in regular clothes. Hello?! What was I thinking? Everyone at work has on their Saints gear.... and I just got the new WHO DAT Volatile flip flops a few weeks ago for just such an occasion! Oh well. There are many more games to come.
                                                        See the little footballs on his socks!

Update on the Boog: The first 4 weeks of "school" with 1-3 illnesses/trips to the Dr. each week are over. Week 5=NO DR VISITS! Week 6: we've been once and the Dr. called today to check on him. We go again next week for 15 month shots. I hope he doesn't catch anything else in the mean time. His latest trick is pinching his nose and waiting for someone to say "HONK" for him. Then he reaches to pinch everyone else's nose too. He doesn't let go until you say "HONK"...

We've made it thus far in hurricane season without a storm near us and I'm counting down to FALL both for the holiday atmosphere and the end of H season! I have found some cute Autumn crafts that I want to try out. I just love the end of the year... September with school starting, October with the begining of Fall weather (well sometimes and in my dreams it gets cool in NOLA), November and Thanksgiving, and December with Christmas and New Year's Eve! and of course FOOTBALL!!!! I love me some SAINTS and RAZORBACKS!

One more day 'til some R&R!!!! Geaux Saints!

Friday, September 3, 2010

i'm walkin' to new orleans

OMG!!!! My baby just walked all the way across the room for the FIRST time EVER!!!!Look out world here comes Paxton! Video taken Friday, September 3, 2010.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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why blog?

I have tried to answer this question for myself recently. The first time I had ever heard of the word "blog" was a few years ago when my friend Becca told me she had a "blog". I had no idea what it was. I looked up the website and was staring at a page with her information and some posts. I didn't know how to navigate the page or what this thing called a blog was even for. I abandoned the subject all together. In 2008, my friends from high school and I were all TTC at the same time. My friend Amanda was second to get PG a few months before me. When I asked for updates on her pregnancy she referred me to her blog. There it was again. I followed her blog during her pregnancy.
I was bored at lunch one day and decided to google things. I tried "pink". There before me was a blog called hang on little tomato. I started reading this blog and decided to add it to my favorites. From this blog I found my most loved blog of all...Domestic Reflections. I love this blog. She has the greatest recipes and such cute kiddos. I love the things she posts about.... Another one that I happened upon and can't remember how is "until tomorrow val". I love this blog for the creativity. Valerie's DIY and decorating projects always interest me. I hope to soon try out some of her tricks!

From there, I read these blogs from time to time without much thought of blogging myself. Then I started talking to the Hubbs about what I had been reading...turns out he had started a blog years ago and I never even knew what a blog was. He has not gotten into the world of blogging even though he is a published, opinionated, and prolific writer...oh well. This summer, my BFF Kristin told me she had a blog too! I was behind the times as usual. Matt then referred me to a blog that a high school friend of his writes "In this wonderful life...". I love this one too and have been lucky enough to "meet" her through email.

So.... why blog? From my limited experence with this subject blogging can be for any purpose. Some people write for friends and family, some write to express opinion, some write to inform, some to advertise, and some to make money... like in "Julie and Julia"? As for me? I guess time will tell. I like having a place to write down my thoughts and share them with friends and family. Let's just say this will be my attempt at journaling life events and we shall see where it takes me!

Why do you or don't you blog?