Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today is an ICEE day...

     This is a post I wrote on Friday evening while Paxton was sleeping for a bit.  I never got the chance to actually post it. It is so long that I decided to post it any way without editing.'s how I felt Friday....even though it is keep that in mind while reading....

It has been a while since my last post. We have been so busy. But I need to vent first...

Today (Friday) on the way home from work I stopped for gas and decided I needed an Icee.Yep... my all time favorite. I can;t even remember the last time I went into a gas station much less bought MYSELF an Icee. Today it was absolutely necessary. I got a small coke Icee. Here's the reason: I. HATE. MATT'S. JOB.
Matt and I work full time and compete in the rat race called life 5 days a week. Our weekends are sacred. Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday are our only times to unwind, catch up with each other, and spend time with our baby. The weekends are so short and mine just got taken away by Matt's workaholic boss. He was told to be at work all weekend = one broken-hearted, angry me!
Tonight starts the Cochon de Lait (fair & pig roast) at St.Edward's. I went to this fair most years when I was little (it's my grandmother's church) and I wanted to start the tradition with my little one.We went last year for the first time as a family. Paxton was about 4 months old and it was cold but we had good food and listened to good music and made one of our first family outing memories.
This year I was so excited about it because it is a gorgeous day... perfect fair weather and Paxton is old enough to react to the sights and sounds (even if he isn't tall enough to ride any rides). just this morning as we passed the church on our way to daycare we looked at all the rides set up and I wanted to tell him that we were going to play there tonight ... but now we are not.....

My second plan for the weekend is a family wedding tomorrow (Saturday) evening downtown at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to be followed by diner and dancing....wonder if I'll be without a date.... then on Sunday, I had my heart set on taking Paxton to the circus. There is a cute "real" circus set up in the Zephyr field parking lot. It looks so fun. I went to the circus a ton of times as a kid and LOVED it. I think I was 2 the first time I saw the Barnum & Bailey and Ringling Bros. circus. It was always at the Superdome (which apparently has been showing at the NO arena in recent years) This one at Zephyr's is actually outside... in a real circus tent...I have never been to one outside or in a tent... I don't recognize the name of this circus but it would be such a fin experience for the three of us. I hope it happens.

Problem: Matt has to work all weekend
Possible solutions: 1) I could be a single mom for the weekend and do everything as planned and fill Matt in later...
2) do none of it so that  we will all do it together as a "first" some other time...(I'm big on "first experiences")
3) beg someone else to go with -- another issue * my dad is working tonight and my mom has a game (besides her real life job and when she is not running the rest of the world, she moonlights as a high school dance team coach for which I do choreography sometimes... and so she attends the football games) * my brother is an Athletic Trainer for the high schools on the East Bank and is also attending said game. * the rest of the fam will be at the rehearsal for said Saturday wedding.

I am alone tonight and the Boog is napping. I guess we'll miss the fair.

Saturday is still a go... but will I be riding with my date the HUBBS or tagging along with my parents and grandmother?

Sunday is a maybe. My sweet mom said she would go to the circus with Paxton and me but I want Matt to be there so bad!

+ today was ... a... DAY .... at work.

..... hence the Icee.

In other news since my last post (short version)
* Matt started cooking yummy meals on the days I teach dance so I don't have to cook. Here is one from 9/16.
*Pax was sick with a forever long ear infection and had his first ER visit on 9/18.
*On September 21 my cousin had her first baby, a girl Elise Laura. Now Paxton will have someone to play with. My mom and I went to see her in the hospital the next day.
* I had lunch with my sweet high school friend Amanda. She works in the building across from mine and lives maybe a mile away, but with busy lives we don't see other often. We have tried for the last year or so to have lunch at least once a month to catch up. This time we went to Hickory Grill. YUM.
*Oct 1 was Matt's birthday. We made the celebration last all weekend long! On Friday,Paxton and I made decorations for Da-ee. I had Paxton paint pieces of paper red and cut out letters to spell "Happy Birthday" trying to capture as much of his art work as possible. I put the letters on a ribbon and hung the banner on the front door with colored lights for when Matt got home. Pax colored a handmade card for " Da-ee".
That night we went to Pascal Manalli's for a late-ish dinner. Paxton surprised us by eating most of Matt's calamari appetizer (uh where did my super picky eater go?) It was 8:30 when we put our name on the list to be seated - way past Paxton's bedtime- so I expected a grumpy poorly behaved 1 year old.... but he was so well behaved AND stayed awake. There was no food on him (mind you I never use bibs) or the floor - and everyone kept stopping at our table as they left to comment on how good he was the whole time. (I was pleased, then realized he probably doesn't know any different because of the life we lead - he has been raised eating in NOLA restaurants his whole little life at least 3-4 times a week - though I'm embarrassed to admit it.)
Saturday was a great day just the three of us and then my parents babysat that night. We went to my friend Becca's 1st solo gallery showing during Arts for Arts Sake at the Sibley Gallery on Magazine. My BFF (her sister) went too.
After the show my BFF and her hubby and Matt and I went out to eat. It was a good night out. Sunday Matt joined my church... yep... officially a member of the United Methodist Church- no longer Catholic... such a big deal for me especially since I never asked him to do this. He said he felt led to do it, loves going to church as a family, and the more he learns about Methodism the more he knows that this is what he has always thought anyway. So sweet. That evening we had a little family birthday party at my parent's house. I made him his favorite Black Forest cake. Happy Birthday my love!
*10/9 was my church's annual craft fair. It has been going on my entire life. I participate in the "Missions through Crafts" craft group. We do crafts that will go to mission work of some kind. (sent pillow pals to Mexico VBS kids, made crocheted baby hats for babies in the NICU, and so on) This year I made a wreath out of scrap fabric as a SAINTS decoration. It sold the first day of the fair. YEA! My BFF came to browse the fair with me. We grew up in this church together and was a "thing" of ours to attend and/or work the craft fair together every year since I think 5th grade or at least 6th grade. We looked around and talked.... here are the goodies Matt and I came home with.....
Here is a cutie my mom bought me... that I am not putting outside since everything I put out keeps getting stolen.
* Here is the wreath I mentioned in my last post....
* Here are some decorations I made last year.
* Here are some cute paper pumpkins I made on 10/9 that I learned about here.
* Here are some of the Halloween and Fall decorations I have up right now.

This past week Matt and I were both really sick... and we made it to the weekend. I hope we can get some R&R before Monday comes.

Stay tuned for to see how the weekend turned out...