Friday, November 19, 2010


TGIF!!!! I made it through the toughest week in a long time! Matt has been in California since Sun. morning and he comes home TONIGHT!!!! I am so excited.I have missed him sooo much. I can't wait to hear about his trip. P has missed"Da-ee" so much. He has been acting out, not eating well, not sleeping well, and seems listless and sad at times. He even got his first "behavior report" at school on Wed, for biting! I am so embarrassed. He is known for being such a well behaved and laid back kid.... oh well. Life happens whether we're ready or not. God bless the single parents in the world. I am exhausted!!!!!

Today is my baby brother's 26th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael!

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Christie Dawn said...

I feel ya! My hubby just got back last Friday after a two week work trip to Chicago! Let me tell ya, alone with two kids for two weeks, with my closets family 8 hours away...NOT fun!!

I'm excited for your new adventure you guys will be taking with Matt's new job!