Friday, December 17, 2010

Cute Christmas Giveaway... and this life update

A sweet girl named Megan who writes a blog I read, called "In This Wonderful Life...," is having a Christmas giveaway. For a chance to win cute Christmas goodies see her post here.  

I have been a BUSY BUSY bee these last few weeks. It's year end at work, Matt has a new work schedule that I just can't get used to, P had surgery last week, and of course ALL the holiday bustle. I had my mom whip up some cute Christmas costumes for three of my dancing ladies to wear at the HSD Christmas performance tonight. They did a great job! I just love those girls.

I have not started my Christmas shopping and only threw some Christmas cards together last night...oh I hope I make it through this season.... I haven't gotten to really relax or enjoy much of it yet.

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